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Site-specific work created for the group exhibition Beauty Underfoot at Smack Mellon (Brooklyn).
June 20, 2009 - August 2, 2009

Fawad Khan, Fawad, Khan, art, artist, painting, wall painting, Dunlop art center, Diabolique
Hood | 2009 | real-time animation projected on acrylic wall-painting | 11 x 14 feet

Excerpt from Press Release
"Fawad Khan’s work often depicts aestheticized explosions inspired by media images of war interspersed with his own memories of vintage foreign-model automobiles from a childhood spent in Libya and Pakistan. Hood diverges from these politically nuanced representations, instead focusing on the animation of everyday objects that seem to come to life around an abandoned car in a junkyard. Life-size traffic cones, nuts and bolts, and plastic mesh created in Flash ricochet off the bouncing hood of the derelict car painted directly onto the wall of the gallery.
Hood is also Khan’s first foray into integrating digital media and wall painting."

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