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Site-specific work created for a solo-project at the Scope NY art fair, running concurrently with the solo exhibition Fast Traveling Passenger
at 33 Bond Gallery (2008). The booth contained a large-scale Postal Jeep sculpture opposite a 30 x 22 gouache work and earlier sculpture
from 2004 entitled Public Approach (Mailbox).

Fawad Khan, Fawad, Khan, art, artist, Jeep, postal
AM General DJ-5 | 2008 | steel, enamel, rustoleum, plastic, tires, jeep seat | 60 x 72 x 132 in

Excerpt from Blog
"If there’s a reason to attend this fair, in a word, it’s 33 Bond. Fawad Khan’s drawing and large scale installation featuring a painted US postal service truck with adapted branding exploding along the walls are commanding as objects, and effective as political commentary. Drawing from media culture, the current war, and his own background as a Pakistani-American born on a Libyan military base and raised in Karachi before moving to the US at the age of 8, Khan depicts the destruction of an essential US government service. The vehicle of choice is no accident I’m sure given the slanted state of media communications in this country, and the continuing sale and outsourcing of government services to an increasingly unregulated private sector."


Fawad Khan, Fawad, Khan
Installation view

Fawad, Khan, Fawad Khan, artist
Dispatch Jeep Five | 2008 | gouache and ink on paper | 30 x 22 in


Fawad, Khan, Fawad Khan, artist
Public Approach (Mailbox) | 2004 | 16 gauge steel, enamel, florescent light | 20 x 22 x 50 in