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The taxi cab sculpture was created for the solo exhibition Fast Traveling Passenger at 33 Bond Gallery.
March 13 - April 24, 2008

Fawad Khan, Fawad, Khan, artist, art, taxi, 33 Bond Gallery
New Yorker (Taxi) | 2008 | fiberglass, steel, enamel, plastic, lights, tires | 40 x 66 x 72 in

Excerpt from artists's response in an interview
"For my solo at 33 Bond, I painted directly onto a crown vic that I gutted up, restored and installed in the gallery. Painting on this auto, unlike the wall painting, wasn’t a formal decision based on ideas of impermanence, but rather part of the concept…the car sculpture shows the application of Pakistan's traditional truck-painting technique onto a New York City taxi, a hybrid depicting two cultures assimilating. It considers the question: if one begins new life in the west, how important is holding onto eastern tradition, art or culture? By imposing a definite identity onto a vehicle otherwise always uniformed in yellow?"